About Biyair

Maureen Gillespie creator of 100% Silk Scarves from art works


A simple accessory that can make an outfit “pop”!

Timeless, stylish and elegant pieces were what I set out to achieve when I decided to combine two of my biggest passions – art and fashion.

The synergy of the vivid colours I paint with and the luxurious silk used to make my scarves will enhance a look and ultimately make a statement.


I am an artist painting land and seascapes mostly captured in oils (with a love for colour and texture).

A few years ago I was asked if I could create a scarf for a friend from one of my paintings. It was crucial that the transition from canvass to silk retained the detail, movement and energy captured in my artwork.

I now have a beautiful selection of 100% pure silk scarves, with an array of stunning colours and an emphasis on brush stroke. Each with its own unique story, each a wonderful addition to any outfit.