Slik Scarves from Works of Art

A simple accessory that can make an outfit “pop”!

Biyair Silk Scarves make timeless, stylish and elegant pieces. Working as an artist I decided to combine two of my biggest passions, art and fashion, and have taken my paintings and turned them into silk scarves. Each scarf comes from an original painting with its own source of inspiration.

My silk scarves make great accessories for any outfit. The synergy between the vivid colours used in my artwork and the luxurious silk used to make these scarves will enhance any look and make a statement.

I also work with Maggie’s cancer care centres, for every Agnes and Nuala-Rose scarfs sold a donation is made to Maggie’s

What others say

" my beautiful silk scarf, a vivid image of a wild landscape, it the perfect accessory throughout the year. The unique hand painted scene is framed with an elegant hand stitched border and lifts any of my everyday looks, either whilst at my office or going out. It's a true representation of both British artisanal practice and luxury quality."
Clare Payne, Fashion Designer........ read more